Saturday, May 31, 2008

Verse Of The Day

Killah Priest ft.Nas,Kurupt - Gun For Gun[Tek Nizzle Remix]

[2nd Verse}

What did Malcolm think, split second 'fore he was shot?
Did he think to hit the deck on the floor, before he dropped?
Or did he just say "Fuck it, I'ma die for my brothers"
'Cause by killin' him, just made his words teach others
Like Martin Luther King, he preached peace
They still got him, like the West-East beef
Finally that shit is rotten
Place your self in the shoes of a people's leader
From drug kingpin to president, either is off the meter
Your best man can turn to the squeezer
Burn you and leave ya, beside alone on the road
Or inside a meat freezer
That's the way it goes on the third rock from the Sun
Alone circlin' the light where we begun
Where we become, a follower to a general
With soldiers to run, they move off every word of ya tounge
Feelings are ruthless, when you was young pullin' ya gun
Not scared to shoot shit, remember it was all in the fun
Is this the power you wanted? Can you control over a hundred minds?
And these are grown men, who've killed over a hundred times
Every champ team has a arch rival
And it takes one time to mess up and niggaz don't like you
You start to want peace, niggaz want you deceased
Your money low, niggaz want you to go
Who else but I can bring the most hauntin' flow (Nas)
You're soon to see the best of me
From a boy, man, to a king, hear out my destiny

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