Monday, May 12, 2008

Verse Of The Day

Pimp C - I'm Free

[4th Verse]

I did 4 years tops (tops), never hit PC (C!)
Did my time in Population with the real ole G's
I seen a whole lot of pain, men doin they bids (bids!)
Most of them just prayin and who tryna get home to they kids
Wasn't nothin like "Oz," a bunch of iron and bars
Bunch of player hatin snitches, talkin to the guards
And a whole penitentiary bein ran by broads
Some of 'em kept it one hundred, most of them was frauds
Seen a whole lotta chumps (chumps!), hard men and hustlers
Some big time dealers, kidnappers and busters ('nappers and busters!)
Pimps and playas, I seen some kill with they hands
But I still don't believe the pen is no place for no man! (for no man!)


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