Monday, May 19, 2008

Then What Happened?

1. One To 31
2. Be No Slave
3. The Upgrade [feat. Oddisee & Posdanous]
4. It Don't Stop
5. The Understanding
6. The Last Third
7. Ole [feat. Oddy Gato]
8. What You Holdin'
9. Oowwee
10. The Zone [feat. Chali 2na]
11. We Are!
12. Simmer Down
13. You Out There

I didn't expect such a good album though I really like J-Live but this album is great. With production from DJ Spinna, Marco Polo & Nicolay to name a few. J-Live laced the best with his excellent MC ability. Never have I heard such pure hip hop essence. J-Live really put alot into this album as you can see through the lyricism as he doesn't miss a bar. Another song has it purpose and deliver the point. This album is a banger thru and thru so I suggest everyone to cop this on May 27 cause you won't regret it. I'm ordering mine tommorow. Heres a few track that will help you get a taste of what the album is like.

Album Sampler

Be No Slave

The Upgrade

Don't Stop


What You Holdin?

Then What Happened? the Album Credits

01: One to 31
J. Cadet, J. Townes
Beat by DJ Jazzy Jeff / Produced by DJ Jazzy Jeff for A Touch of Jazz

02: Be No Slave
J. Cadet, W. Dewgarde, E. Dewgarde
Beat by DJ Evil Dee / Produced by DJ Evil Dee for Da Beatminerz

03: The Upgrade (featuring Oddisee and Posdanous)
J. Cadet, A. Mohamed, K. Mercer
Guest vocals by Oddisee for Reagle Beagle Productions and Posdanous of De La Soul for AOI Records / Beat by Oddisee / Trumpet by Rashawn Ross / Cuts by DJ J-Live A.K.A. J-Live

04: It Don’t Stop
J. Cadet, G. Quinones
Beat by Yallzee / Cuts by DJ J-Live A.K.A. J-Live

05. The Understanding
J. Cadet, D Booth, J. Hansen
Beat by Probe DMS and Jon Solo / Cuts by DJ J-Live A.K.A. J-Live

06. The Last Third
J. Cadet, D Booth, J. Hansen
Beat by Probe DMS and Jon Solo / Trumpet by Paul Litteral

07: Ole (featuring Oddy Gato)
J. Cadet, J. Pritchard, R. Marrero
Beat by Usef Dinero / Guest vocals by Oddy Gato / Trumpet by Rashawn Ross

08. What You Holdin’?
J. Cadet, L Douglas II
Produced by Locsmif for In the Loop Ent. LLC

09: Ooweee
J. Cadet, K. Carter
Beat by Kenny Keys for All Natural Music / Cuts by DJ J-Live A.K.A. J-Live

10: The Zone (featuring Chali 2na)
J. Cadet, M. Potsic, C. Stewart
Guest vocals by Chali 2na / Beat by DJ Nu-Mark / Cuts by DJ Nu-Mark

11: We Are!
J. Cadet, V Williams
Beat by DJ Spinna

12: Simmer Down
J. Cadet, D Kelly
Beat by Cap D for All Natural Music

13: You Out There
J. Cadet, M.L.N. Rook
Beat by Nicolay

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