Monday, May 5, 2008

Why Is Hip Hop looked on with some much distain?

I often wonder this question myself as people use it as a example of bad music. Is it misunderstood? Maybe, but i think it is fear aswell. See people who don't understand hip hop have a hidden fear of it. They know its more then just a bunch of dude talking about they cars and what not. They know of artist like Common, Kweli & etc.. They scared that somebody like Common or even Soulja Boi will speak the truth of what he sees and start somthing. That why they pay Soulja Boi thousands of dollars to make song bout yellin and continue oppress Common. They know their is a form of unity of music. And divide people are weak but together people could overcome. Now this isn't just talking about Blacks or Hispanics, all races. We all are under the same veil of diciets and lies. We are mere play toys to those who run the world. Hip Hop is probably the most popular music as of now. So they do as much as possible to keep it under control and make money while doing it. Just a few things to think about.

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