Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Verse Of The Day: Call The Law

Artist: OutKast f/ Janelle Monae
Album: Idlewild
Song: Call the Law

Oh baby its mo baby its workin on the 6
We was only in our teens I dreamed for simplistic
Jumped the broom but it seems I tripped I must have slipped
After exchanging of the rings these things you give me lip
But not the kissing of the bride the dipping of the groom
The shit that make a nigga up and leave up out a room
More like "boohoo" then "boo" "fuck you" and "fuck you too"
(Fuckin bitch) Kids cover them ears
It appears that ya mama want drama we need a comma
Or some space between words for better or for worse
This is not what I deserve the worse that I can take
Actually I want the cake and eat it too and plus yo plate
But wait now.. Don't you get the house kids cars
Everything we built together was ours now it's all yours
Thats hard... It's all yours... Good God!

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