Monday, May 5, 2008

The Cool Kids - The Bake Sale EP tracklisting + info

The Cool Kids are staying up on their hype, as they’re set to release a new EP on May 20. The Bake Sale, is the official sequel/follow-up to Totally Flossed Out, the group's debut album released last year. The EP will be available for purchase on iTunes May 20, and will be in-stores on June 10. The duo is also working on a full-length LP reported to be released this fall.

The tracklist for "The Bake Sale":

1. What Up Man
2. One Two
3. Mikey Rocks
4. 88
5. What It Is
6. Black Mags
7. A Little Bit Cooler
8. Gold and a Pager
9. Bassment Party
10. Jingling

That's Stupid The Mixtape should hopefully be dropping tommorrow....cross your fingers

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