Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Verse Of The Day

Red Man - Tonight's Da Night

[1st Verse]

Mic check, I walk around the streets with a black tech nine
by the waistline, kickin the hype shit
I never claim to be the best type of rapper
But hafta, show them motherfuckers what I'm after
I'm after the gold, then after that the platinum
Beef after that, Hurricane G packs the gat son
Trigger, bang, bang, yo bust the slang, whut my name?
It's the Redman on the funk thang
Psyche, you're motherfuckin right, tonight's the night
To do what I wanna do, to do it like dynamite
The work perfected, when the funk been ejected
I roughen up the rough draft to like make your head split
Punk! Pass the 40 and the blunt and don't front
on the block, cause when you do front, brothers are gettin stomped
I'm not a addict, more like Puff than Magic
Then pass it when I'm through cause my crew gots to have it
I don't claim to be a big rap star
cause no matter who you are, you'll still catch a bullet scar
So listen up and take heed to what I'm sayin
Cause tonight's the night and me and my niggaz ain't playin

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