Friday, May 16, 2008

Verse Of The Day: Modern Day Slavery

artist: Joell Ortiz feat. Immortal Technique
song: Modern Day Slavery
album: The Brick: Bodega Chronicles

Ain't nothing changed except the chains
That restraining our physical frame
Mentally we still living the same
Its lock down
They knock down the Towers to raise tax
Anything they burn we pay back
I live in the hood; you'll never bump into Pat Seajack
But we spin the wheel every time we chill
Cuz cops hate blacks, and Hispanics they draw gats
And just slam it before the ask where your hand is
I don't see how a wallet can be mistaken for a cannon
~So please don't let em play us no more
In everyway I'm ready, willing, and able to war
Like any day I could pop I'd be in the front
Like, please let the force be with me in this pump
Housing want me to work cuz I'm still on my mom's lease
Threatening to raise the rent if I don't pick up them park leaves
Ain't nothing in this world for free
But somehow they got us fooled that this world is free

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