Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Verse Of The Day: Move On Up

Artist: Kidz in the Hall
Album: School Was My Hustle
Song: Move On Up

I got a Chi state of mind
Heart of Marcus Garvey
Body of a slave soul, African king
That get up in the Egyptian scribe
Each lyric I'm planting a seed
To lead my tribe
You can look into my eyes
See the dream of Martin the fight of Malcolm
Fists from Huey the other from Stokely
With a Jack Johnston left hook if you want to provoke me
Part knowledge, part common sense Cassius Clay confidence
Preach black consciousness
Fred Douglass desire, wittiness supplier
Won't stop rocking till I retire
To burn my kingdom you must use fire
Fears of a nightmare never kept me from dreaming
Tripping and falling, dog it never kept me from walking
If I fall on deaf ears it won't keep me from talking
The fuel to the fire leaves me steadily sparking

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