Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Maliz' Top 10 "They Are The Future" (Group Edition)

10. M1 Platoon
The Five-Man crew from DC. Discovered by 9th Wonder and 4 of them are even students of 9th at NCCU. These group dropped what many consider a album based on the great deal of original material, The M1 Invasion. This mixtape introduce and showcased Murder One (M1) to the hip hop scene. M1 Platoon along with the rest of 9th Wonder's hip hop collective "The Academy" will be making waves soon I feel.

Welcome (produced 9th Wonder)

9. The Cool Kids
This chicago duo of Chuck Inglish & Mikey Rocks has been dubbed hipster. Well I believe they're much more then that. They scream talent on every song they put out. So who cares if the beats are banging or they brag about their mic skills & clothes. They're young make some good music to bang while you driving or whatever. The Cool Kids make some real nice and brilliant music and takes the old school funk and adds some new school bang.


8. Pacific Division
I'm a FAT Boy has been stuck in my mind since I first heard the song from Pacific Division. This Cali trio is gaining media coverage as they prepare a couple of project they have coming out. Pacific Division EP and their debut album either name The FAT Boy LP or Grown Kids Syndrome. From my source both release are unbelievably good. But to hold us till they drop their album. They released a mixtape called Sealed For Freshness Blend Tape a mixing of all orginal material and Pac Div going over classic beats like "Passing Me By".


7. Blue Scholars
The classic MC/Producer combo of Geologic and Sabzi. They are more political charge then the other group featured. They have a unique out look on the world and what they rhyme or produce. Sabzi is also the producer of the group "Common Market". Geologic is also a spoken word poet and it clearly shows in his work. The Blue Scholars are one of the more underrated group which deserve alot of attention.

Fire For The People

6. Kooley High
Another group discovered by 9th Wonder. Kooley High from North Carolina is apart of "The Academy". They are a different type of group since they consist of 3 emcees & 2 producers. All five are extremely talented in what they do and the group chemistry is great so no one outshines the other. I don't know how many times I'm going to say this but Kooley High indeed the future.

Too Late

5. Panacea
Panacea who got major attention after signing with Rawkus Records. Last year they dropped the Scenic Route which got praise and good reviews. The poetic rhyming of Raw Poetic and the smooth natural beats of K-Murdock, Panacea will definitely gain the award longevity. Also before they were Panacea they were in the live hip hop good, Restoring Poetry To Music.

Blue Ice

4. Kidz In The Hall
The team of Double O & Naledge has had the spotlight of media since dropping their debut album, "School Was My Hustle". This duo stays in the indie spotlight and more then now then usual since they will be dropping their new album next tuesday. They have a large range of music subject matter. From banging to political to love, Kidz In The Hall have it all.

Work To Do

3. Tanya Morgan
Can you say TM City? Tanya Morgan isn't a woman soul singer but a trio of dope emcees. TM is so refreshing and hype at the same time. They seem to have so much fun when making their music as they always seem hype. Well I'm sure you heard enough about them so just know that We Moonlighting!....

Take The L (Lets Get It)

2. Little Brother
My favorite group, Little Brother suffered a major lose when 9th Wonder going his own way. But that didn't stop the team of Big Pooh & Phonte blaze mofos with Getback. LB is refreshing, soulful and stay true to themselves. They will reissue their mixtape And Justus For All without the DJ tags and mixing next month.

Love Joint Revisited

1. CunninLynguists
Orginally the trio of Kno, Deacon The Villian & Mr. SOS. Now Mr.SOS went his own direction and they picked up long time friend from Kynfolk, Natti. Which I think blend better together then with SOS. Cunn is a ground breaking group as they discover ever more inventive ways to express theirselves. All three rap but Kno mainly does all the production work while Deacon also produces as well.

Things I Dream

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