Sunday, May 4, 2008

Verse Of The Day

C-Rayz Walz - 3 Card Molly

[2nd Verse]

And Ms. Rios, sorry that I dissed your flag
And when Ty got shot, he had to shit in a bag
But that's okay, cause Ra lay, on the same corner
On the same ave, where I sold, marijuana
And Ms. Carolyn, was a nosy neighbor
Mr. Sack was screamin loud, but that was the days
of a angry sick juvenile, mentality
Not nice on the mic, but niggaz ain't wanna battle me
Cause the knuckle game was Chuck Norris
The gun was enchanted, enterin a buck-buck forest
Without the dollars, more lies that Morris
You know how it go, for con artists
I remember block parties and, 22's
And light and serious and, a funny crew
And Jabu I miss you, when you died I was upset
Couldn't know how it felt, to be a Vietnam vet
To hear bombs goin off in your ear, with big Metallica
And now we in the streets and the jails is like Galaga
They got your DNA sample
Plus they got your female in the house trampled
{*sounds*} is the hell of the train station
I try to move out, leave the pain vacant
But it stay here, and it stays there
Bust out, stray shots, there's no fear

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