Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Cool Kids....."all you kids get your car system game up or we will damage your shit... lol"

We'd like to thank alllllllll yall who went and downloaded the EP off itunes.. The Cd will be available in stores for you to buy june 10th.. (dont ask me why........ music buisness stuff.. i guess) Hit the stores up too.. for all those asking why the bake sale only has two new songs..

1. The Bake Sale is just the official release of all the joints weve made that have been floating around the internet for the past year or two.. its not our First Album! its more like a compilation. We wanted to give kids what they asked for..

2. The New Joints were to give people something new to put in their car systems.. i pod.. cellphones.. turntables.. just to have new Cool Kids shit for the summer.

Also.. THAT's STUPID...the mixtape is still coming... dont freak..
(oscar the grouch is on there)

Heres the tracklisting..

1.Its Dinner Time
2.Oscar the Grouch
3.That'll Work
4.Full and Paid
5.Box of Rocks

and it will feature "Ass Made of Diamonds" from our fellow C.A.K.E representative


and just an FYI.. We are halfway into "When Fish Ride Bicycles" .. and we want to show all everyone out there... how we get it done.. so in a couple weeks we will be airing video blogs...showing us in the studio.. cutting shit up.. basically just documenting us making this adventure in which we call "When Fish Ride Bicycles"..
it'll be on our site

So again the Word of the day is.. (NOTHING)hahahahahaha

but THANKYOU EVERYONE!!!! for digging the music.. and supporting us means the world to us

So Remember .. JUNE 10th the Bake Sale EP in the Stores.

EP OUT NOW on itunes!!!!!!

THAT's STUPID the mixtape... available for Freeeeeee online
(in TWO WEEKS!!!)

When Fish Ride Bicycles.. coming this summer

(all you kids get your car system game up) or we will damage your shit... lol


Great news....They explain the EP and give some light on the situation and I appreciate that alot. It makes sense. Hopefully the mixtape will pull through this time. And I can't wait for the album.

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