Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Danny! Hip Hop Loves You! (no homo)

Danny! said:::So I'm literally knee-deep in And I Love H.E.R.'s, right (my place is like a warehouse right now)...

All the personal sh*t that's transpired over the course of this year and delayed this album more times than I would've liked it to has finally (and seemingly) subsided, soooooooooo...

Give me two weeks amigos, and And I Love H.E.R. will be made available for purchase. Yow.

Here's the thing though...

When you're doing this sh*t all by your-f**kin'-self, and retail distribution agreements are broken because you've failed to make their deadline TWICE, you usually don't get third chances. They don't care that Danny Is Dead sold considerably well with little (read: none) promotion, and they certainly don't care that, among many many other things, someone stole your car a mere week before your second deadline.

Having said that, And I Love H.E.R. will be available in all of the digital outlets that my other albums are on (Amazon, iTunes, Napster, eMusic, etc.) within the next two or three weeks, but...if you're looking for a physical copy in the retail stores that formerly sold Charm and Danny Is Dead, you'll be hard-pressed. Eventually it will be (these distro companies need the album AT LEAST four weeks in advance, and even that's a stretch), but in the meantime when a physical copy of And I Love H.E.R. becomes available for sale in about two weeks you'll only be able to cop it from CD Baby.

No big deal, right? If you'd rather wait another month to cop it from Best Buy then so be it, but you'd be better off copping it from CD Baby for the time being. Just sayin'. In the brief three or four days that pre-ordering was available for And I Love H.E.R. (right before I missed my deadline again), the numbers were somewhere in the thousands. I'd literally have just enough to sell before being back-ordered.

I have never dealt with so many personal things all at one time like I have been throughout 2008's entirety, and I really appreciate y'all sticking with me throughout these ridiculous ordeals. Pea! Thanks for checking on a brotha, I was really goin' through it my dude. Young H! You will not be disappointed, I swear. Alanna! Thank you for the encouragement, support and random references to Styx. Yes, I was aware I'm holding your imaginary hand :) Thanks to everyone for helping me get through my sh*t, indirectly or otherwise, so that this album can finally come out. Huge thanks to the blogs, the magazines...I'm so happy I just might do some crazy sh*t. An album sampler MP3, perhaps? Hmmmm. Maybe I'll finally put out Dream, Extinguished. Maybe not.

So, long story short: And I Love H.E.R. Coming soon. CD Baby (for now). iTunes, et. al. (forever). Two more weeks. For real this time. Sentence fragments rock. Word life, gawd. I love y'all. No homo.

Truthfully man. Your great. Your music is amazing. Just keep your head up! Don't stop what your doing. You'll be rewarded in the end by your hard work.

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Anonymous said...

when is his album droppin already???????