Sunday, October 26, 2008

Q-Tip - The Renaissance (Review)

Q-Tip - The Renaissance

When seeing this album, I didn't think much of it. Honestly I didn't listen to a single song till I heard the entire album. Well good I didn't sleep cause this album is banging. Tip's lyricism hasn't diminished any in my opinion. I'm a big Tribe fan mainly cause of tip. So I was quite hesitate to hear this album cause it might put some tarnish on Tip's career. Well I guess Kamaal had his polishing wipe out on this album. Honestly I don't know if he wrote these verses years ago or early this year. I know some might disagree or criticize but there isn't a major misstep this entire album. Beginning with Johnny Is Dead, some ill keys and matching kicks. Tip rides the beat phenomenally like only he can. Then followed by sample heavy Won't Trade. The true highlight of this album in my opinion is We Fight (Love) as Raphael shows his amazing vocals while Tip describes love as many of us might know. From that point on, the album takes a step further into it's excellence. Dance On Glass has Tip gracefully showcasing his brilliant lyricism. Next Norah Jones blesses us with her powerful vocal prowess. The D'Angelo asissted joint reminds me of the old Native Tongue days. This album feels complete and not rushed. Thats what seperates this album from many others this year. Definitely part of the top 15. But will it stand the test of time is the real question above this album. Not too sure if it will but I'll continue to play the hell out of it till.

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