Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Leak #19: Jumanji.....More Mickey

"Rappers are like Mufasa, I call em Lying Kings"

2nd week of Volume 2 and I have a crazy track right here. Competition
at its best. When you put 6 lyricists in 1 room and throw a beat on,
there's no telling what might happen. And this is no different to that
statement. This track was very competitive in the sense that people
re-wrote verses, some of us took inside shots at each other, we even
told one dude his verse was straight garbage. All in all, its up to
the people to decide who had the standout swag, best flow and illest
verse. So once again, I present to the people: Jumanji! Feel free to
google the artists and get familiar with them because they are all
talented. - M. Factz

Also check out this video of Mickey going off the top of the head.

Then check out Mickey's feature on Format Magazine

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