Thursday, May 15, 2008

Spotlight Album: Pyramid In Moscow

Restoring Poetry In Music - Pyramids In Moscow

01. Grandpa
02. Intro
03. Life Is Change
04. Less Is More
05. Sliders
06. Momenterlude
07. A Quiet Taste
08. Soul Pouch
09. There You Are
10. And Another One
11. Interlude II
12. Winning Losses
13. Sleep Walkers
My Thoughts

Along with Panacea's Scenic Route, Panacea's Raw Poetic releases album with his live hip-hop band in 2007. Together they are called Restoring Poetry To Music. This isn't their first album around but my favorite. Musically beautiful this album is as Raw Poetic spitting some poetic lyric over these amazing arrangements of music. Addressing many topic these album can easily make you reminisce, dream and wonder. I love every song on this album. Definitely slept on but hopefully this will shine some light on it. This is a absolute must have for any hip-hop fan. Something that will soothe your soul.


Less Is More


Winning Losses

Sleep Walkers


A Quiet Taste

Less Is More

And Another One


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