Friday, May 30, 2008

Welcome To Red Hook Houses

Last year Hell Razah announced he and Shabazz the Disciple would be releasing a collabrative effort. Well it finally surfaced. Going by the name THUG Angelz they release "Welcome To Red Hook Houses". Now if your ever heard a Hell Razah album you know to expect something great from this album. The tracklisting and a sample of what Hell Razah & Shabazz are together on the mic.

1. Cab Ride Opening
2. Welcome To Red Hook Houses
3. Jail Saga
4. The Obituary E.B.G.G.
5. My Brother’s Keeper
6. Gang Love
7. South Brooklyn Anthem
8. Audiobiography Remix
9. Apt. 7G Blacksmiths
10. The Visit Feat. 7th Ambassador
11. Under The Wing
12. Confessions Of A T.H.U.G. ANGEL Closing
13. 144,000

Blue Sky, Black Death & Hell Razah feat. Shabazz The Disciple - Audiobiography

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