Friday, May 9, 2008

Let Me Tell You Something!

9th Wonder & Buckshot - The Formula

9th & Buck hook up again for their second album together. This album got alot of mixed reviews. Well alot of people wanted a repeat of their 2005 effort, Chemistry. While I knew and like 9th's growth and Buck may very well be in his prime. This album is a great laid back relax type LP. Nothing is too aggressive as 9th lays down the beat while Buck unravels his lyrical scriptures. Every track flows smoothly into the next while to some there might not be any stand outs, I disagree while I think Ready, Be Cool, Go All Out, Hold It Down, Whassup Wit U?, Shining Yall & Man Listen are all stand outs, I also think that album aren't about a few standouts but what the album collective delivers. Anyone can make a few standout records but to make a good album is
something remarkable and not easily done. Well along with those tracks mentioned above all the track have their own meaning worth to the album that helps the album deliver. Anyway this album has very few guest vocals which is a plus in my book though I like seeing collabos. But this album doesn't need many. Buck is a capable MC to hold his own while on the production tip. 9th shows his growth since Dream Merchant Vol. 2. This album is a great add to any collection. So go pick it up.

Kidz In The Hall - The In Crowd

To start off, Go cop this album. I purchased it off of iTunes. The In Crowd is a great album with a few flaws that hinder it some. The first is that some of the guest appearances are unessasery like Snob Hop & Mr. Alldatshit. My two least favorite songs off the album. Instead we should have replaced those with Kidz In The Hall solo songs are something. Not enough on this track despite four of the song on here featurings are on only on the hook. But with all that said the rest of the featurings are great as well as Naledge's lyrical performance & Double-O's production. My favorite track off the album is Lucifer's Joyride and second is Let Your Hair Down. Both are potent in lyrics, content, concept & production. Phonte shows out on Paper usual. Sean & Buck do what they do best. The In Crowd has it flaws but nothing perfect in life so cop it however is comfortable for your budget or situation.

The Roots - Rising Down

A certainly dark step for the legendary Roots. This album is more electric than Game Theory. This album is so relevant right now in the wake of Sean Bell, Obama & the War in Iraq. With MCs like Common, Mos Def, Talib Kweli & Wale looking to contribute to the album. Further appealing the album to the masses. Rising Down is so far the best album this year beating the highly acclaimed Time Line in my opinion. Only thing is that MCs like PORN, Peedi Peedi & Truck North arent nessary. I think Malik B should replace them all. But that my opinion but while I don't favor their appearance they held their own with the lyrical beast we call Black Thought who really reigned on The Show along side one of the best MCs alive Common. But the true gem of this album is Rising Up with Wale & Christelle Michelle. Wale being inspired by Black Thought and made a tribute song for the Roots in general was granted this album. Wale came to the occasion and conquered it. Contributing her wonderful vocals is Christelle Michelle sings of hip hop's non balanced media outlets. This album is again in my opinion the best so far. While we have alot of year to go through. Rising Down is a gem from The Roots so as I always recommend for good albums, cop it.

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