Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Delegrates finalized for Oregon still no winner....

A week after Oregon's Democratic primary, the top two candidates have divvied up delegates that'll help decide the presidential nomination.

Illinois Sen. Barack Obama won 31 of Oregon's 52 delegates, giving him a total of 1,978. The winner must collect 2,026 to capture the Democratic presidential nod.

New York Sen. Hillary Clinton won the remaining 21 delegates. She now has commitments from 1,780 delegates.

Of Oregon's 52 delegates, 34 are apportioned by congressional district and 18 are apportioned by statewide totals. Obama won 11 statewide delegates and 20 congressional district nods. Clinton won seven statewide delegates and 14 congressional district representatives.

The candidates are preparing for the June 1 Puerto Rico primary, which has 55 delegates at stake. The primary season ends Tuesday, June 3 with primaries in South Dakota and Montana. The two states have a combined 47 delegates at stake.

Obama won Oregon's May 20 primary with about 60 percent of the vote.

Serious dude needs 48 more delegrates while Hilary needs over 200.....When will it stop? This is getting ridiculous.

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