Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Hornets Got Blew Out..

Seriously the Spurs dominated the Hornets from end to end. I'm kinda on a in between with this series. I want the Hornets to lose since they beat the Mavs but i hate to see the Spurs win yet another championship so I guess I'll swallow my Mav pride and take the L as I cheer for the Hornet since if they face Kobe in the conference they won't win but it would be a great series. Actually I think the Hornets are underdogs against both Lakers or Jazz but would be great series. Sorry Mavs but serious firing Avery gonna bite us later. And get Harris back please cause Kidd ain't doing it. Howard well......

anyway Hornet Lost to Spurs, 80 to 100

My picks....

Boston over Cleveland
Orlando over Detroit
Lakers over Jazz
Hornets over Spurs

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