Monday, May 26, 2008

Spotlight Album: The Old Prince

Shad - The Old Prince

01. Intro
02. I Don't Like To
03. What We All Want
04. Brother Watching
05. Now A Daze
06. The Old Prince Still Lives At Home
07. Out Of Love Part Two
08. Interlude
09. I Heard You Had A Voice Like An Angel
10. Compromise
11. Exile
12. Get Up
13. Outro

My Thoughts
Shad is a virtually unheard of artist out of London. Full name being Shadrach Kabango. Shad might have missed my "They Are The Future" list. He still deserves alot of attention that he still doesn't get especially having one of the better album of 07. Mostly cause he is from outside of USA. Anyway this album has great production as you'll probably take note of that very early in the album while Shad lyrically you won't be impressed till "Brother Watching". Shad is very sincere with his concepts and lyrics. Nothing is really missing from this album. But some of the songs kinda ride the mediocre line so they just blend in and don't stand out. Still Shad delivered a great effort and I strongly recommend everyone to cop or least check it out....


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