Sunday, June 1, 2008

Verse Of The Day: Desperado

Artist: Saigon
Song: Desperado
Album: Return Of The Yardfather

[Verse 2]
We was 2 lil' brothers of the same kind
Quick to approach a lil shorty wit' the same line
Co-defendants, arrested for the same crime
'Cause when the D's found the nine, we both said it aint mine
Nobody snitchin', now we chillin on the same line
Goin to trial to eat some of the same slime
I'm tryin' to tell the nigga the thoughts of my changed mind
How when I get out, I aint gettin' on the same grind
I'm tired of seein' what crack smoke do to black folk
That shit aint funny at all dawg it's like a bad joke
He said, whateva' man, I'll do whateva to get the cheddar man
Do like 50 Cent, sell “A Lil Bit” of ery'thang
That made me wanna punch the kid in the mouth
I jus wonder how long it take for him to figure this out
I said, trust lil' nigga if you know like I know
You wouldn't wanna go home to no muthafuckin' (*”Desperado”*)

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