Friday, May 30, 2008

Donwill + suhBURB = Suburban Sprawl

Yes my boy & member of one of my favs, Donwill of Tanya Morgan finally releases Suburban Sprawl with suhBURB. He's been talking about this album for a while finally we will get to experience the entire thing. This is what he had to say via his blog and below that is the tracklisting.

Donwill said: a while back i decided that i would make my birthday my release date for all those *pending* projects that i have been talking about since some of you met me. if you know me you can ramble off at least 3 albums that are in various phases of finish that are ‘coming out’ sometime in the future. well im kickstarting that this year.

the album has been done for months, sittin on my hard drive. i even have 2 videos that were shot for the project that nobody has ever seen. that will change on june 4th. it will be released via my blog, for free.

aside from my hang ups the hold up has been a few things. the first thing was that i wanted to try and secure an official means of distribution for a while but that kinda got sidetracked in part to securing an official situation for the next few tanya morgan releases. then it became me not wanting to drop a project around the same time as a tanya morgan project because i wanted ppl to focus in on one thing. the main reason it hasnt been ready is because the people who i asked to do cuts on certain songs still havent turned them in due to their schedules and you know as an artist you want your vision fully realized right?

well fuck all that shit man… im givin it to yall on june fourth. it will be available in my downloadable discography section for free download and the video will be ‘premiered’ in my videoblogs section. There will also be full liners available for the release.


The Tiki Torch
Sittin at the Bar (og demo) - *not* feat tanya morgan
Baltimore Bitch
Fly Me - feat Von Pea
Night Time
All Right
The Words
Dead Ass
Audio Visual - feat SSM
The Champ
*BONUS* Funeral March

and if you want a preview of a couple of tracks visit Don's myspace!

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