Sunday, May 18, 2008

Verse Of The Day: Til Thee Angels Come (For Us)

Artist: Killah Priest f/ Blackmarket
Album: The Offering
Song: Til Thee Angels Come (For Us)

Look at the killers, dealers, scramblers
Hustlers, pimps, low lives
Are running police coming gunning jumping
Over fences hide in trenches
Fight defenses ducking bullets this that hood shit
Show more footage
Speak from pulpits
(Fellow Americans you are now under a new era)
We all are sinners angels watching
(A new world order)
Ain't no stopping the sky has cracked
You lie back, watch your end, burning skin turning in
Hell bound hell hounds
With scales down to their tails growl wild
Chasing us barking it darkens dropping revolvers in apartments
Here comes the marksman up the staircase
I start busting backwards slipping, Where's the pastor?
Too many distractions
9/11, signs from heaven find a weapon AK SK HKs MK
Mayday mayday mayday
Rocket launchers my project's bonkers
We sold drugs till it's over its time to close up
Yep, lets go - closure
Judgement day thugs must pray
Devils is running 'cause they realize
Something worst than hell is coming
A black bird burning down to the earth
Turning into a fire breathing dragon

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