Friday, May 16, 2008

Last Time Brooklyn & Cincinnati came together...

1. The Bridge (featuring Elucid)
2. We Doin' Our...
3. Filthier AKA "Place"
4. Got 2 Get Done
5. Be You (featuring Czelena)
6. Get Me Inside
7. Threemcees
8. Hip Hop Is Dead II
9. How Low (Bonus Track)

This EP is absolutely incredible. Tanya Morgan deliver something very refreshing. Easily comparable to Kooley High's Summer Sessions EP for Best EP so far. A step above what was shown on their recent mixtape. But you just know they have some crazy stuff for their next LP, Brookynati. Well The Bridge EP which I've been waiting for, for a while now has that definitely TM feel to it. Nothing is lacking on this all three MC deliver an impressive performance. Every song brings something to the table. My favorite song being the title track due the oddly familiar hook (lol) and the song with most meaning is "Hip Hop Is Dead II" as they kill the conversation we'll all at one time or another had. I know this leaked today but support Don, Von & Ill. I could have waited but I copped (bought) it off iTunes then less restricting version off Amazon so I could share it with you guys since I thought it wouldn't leak till the official release. Silly me but I don't regret it since they deserve it. Shouts to Donwill (for his insight and encouraging words that helped me alot...)

Heres some audio....

The Bridge (feat. Elucid)

Filthier AKA "Place"

Get Me Inside

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