Friday, May 30, 2008

Verse Of The Day: Doctor's Advocate

Artist: The Game f/ Busta Rhymes
Album: Doctor's Advocate
Song: Doctor's Advocate

[Verse Three: Busta Rhymes]
See when the world is on your shoulder.. and the stress grows bigger
The fire in 'em, made it difficult to talk to the nigga
Most of the time I let 'em know.. I dont agree wit' what he do
But he a hardhead Dre.. thats why I'm talkin' to you
See.. when I first met my nigga.. son was layin' in the cut
Type reserve, homie was quite and kept his mouth shut
Until you told him to spit for me, he flippin' from the gut
I dug his spirit, and I thought the dude was talented as fuck
As time went on, now he was workin' with the finest
I saw the pressure started to build, so I gave 'em additional guidance
You gave him something that can make or break a nigga.. you should face it
So big, I don't even think he was ready to embrace it
With the potential to be a strong nigga with conviction
The only was.. our little nigga wouldn't listen
But when Doc say its a wrap (its a wrap)
Its still Aftermath
And ain't nothing after that...

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