Thursday, May 1, 2008

Verse Of The Day: The Payback

Artist: Ray Cash
Album: Cash on Delievery
Song: The Payback

To all the killas and the hundred dollar billas
Like to welcome you to Cleveland, this the home of Ray Scrilla
Where we all blow swishers, all chase figures
With our eye on the prize, while the law chase niggaz, get high!
Comtemplate the paper chasing but them crackas giving complications
Locking niggaz up without a combiniton, prison is not in my vision
Even though it coincide with the life and the way that I'm living
My mind designed with a divine sense of division, multiplication and addition
I'm a math-a-gician, I was taught to subtract anything trying to intervene and
To distract the type of paper that I'm trying to attract
We really dont wanna have to clap, but if it has to happen
Its happened as simple as that, chip stacking rather its coming from
Jacking the packs, I hustle, but it just so happen I rap, and I'm back and this is...

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