Monday, May 26, 2008

Verse Of The Day

Artist:Block McCloud
Song:Show U
Album:Spittin' Image

[1st Verse]

You can't hold me back And you know it's fact
I'm just so relaxed with it, I'm about to blow this sack
I'm where the show is at, I'm where the flow is at
I'm where the pretty woman you don't call "Hoe" is at
My wifey there,Shaking her hips while sippin' cognac
She might be hating but waiting till we get home with that
Cause lately she handle it better
The Glamor
The Glitter
The Fans and the chickens
The Cameras
The Pictures
While I struggle to handle the liqour,That damage my liver
But kills the panic attack that I'm stricken with as I stand and deliver
I live my life day by day,Made mistakes now we say are grace
Before the place gets ate in his place
Trying to appreciate and relate instead of hate and debate
Religion sucks,So I create a new faith
If you pray to the rhythm, The next great flood you will float
My body is the drum
My blood is the flow

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