Monday, May 5, 2008

Verse Of The Day

CunninLynguists - Mic Like A Memory

[1st Verse]

There was a time when I could'ntfind energy
The only person that was filln' me was Mrs. Hennesey
Ahh, It's like life was pinnin' me down
I used to go out on the town and get instantly clowend
You ain't gonna be a rapper, you not a factor
You just a kentucky boy, get yourself a tractor
Chasing out the bogus dreams that you never acheive
That's when the liquer and weed became a need
Self-esteem was about as low as?
Asperations were about as big as Mertyl Ercle's titties
Then as soon as I started getting some pride
My sister hydroplained and died on ile 65
In a family full of pride, house full of tears
Spent many years with a blood stream of beers
Heart full of fears all jeers, no cheers
Till the rhythm in my ears make my mind clear

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