Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Verse Of The Day: Halos

Artist: Hell Razah f/ Crooked I
Album: Razah's Ladder
Song: Halos

I sit in the dark with my dead homies, obituary pictures
They talk to me while I'm writin' these literary scriptures
Sayin', "Crooked, don't let the Police Military get ya"
I tell 'em, before they do I'll be in a cemetery wit ya
Militant momma, she was down with the Panthers
Picture me, a baby G in a dashiki and Pampers
I was the face of the pamphlets man, the black future
But nowadays, niggas gat shoot ya, fuck it, I clap rugers
My nina singin' like Fat Luther
Vandross, a damn boss bringin' that braat-braat to ya
COB is a religion, listen I'm in it
Everything I'm spittin' was written wit hidden symbolism in it
Infinite wisdom hittin' the intricate sentences I'm spittin'
Cryptic as hieroglyphics, thought they figured it, but they didn't
West Coast Pharaohs, killers on the payroll
20's on my chariot, dodgin' blue halos

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Praverb said...

awesome verse by Crooked...