Friday, May 2, 2008

Maliz' Top 10 "They Are The Future" (MC Edition)

I was thinking I should annouce my top ten artist that are sure to drop something hot this year or the near future. The ones I except to survive and gain longetivity. Put them I order to but they all are very close to one another. All Of these MC really deserve to be on the list.

10. Wale
Wale the MC from DC. This dude getting major promotion and now is signed to Interscope (which are known to screw lesser known artist) Anyway Wale has already collabed with Wayne & feature on The Roots album which is a major accomplishment in my opinion. Wale has a Seinfeld themed mixtape coming, a mixtape with 9th Wonder & a solo debut album coming. So he is one busy guy. Hopefully all will see the light of day.

Hip Hop Game Freestyle (Prod. 9th Wonder)

9. Astonish
This young Chi-Town MC is making major waves with his new EP with production from the Molemen crew. Also their newest signee. Astonish is a unique individual who in my opinion could definitely make a highly considered classic.

Can You Hear Me?

8. Drake
A Canadian rapper that use to star on the hit show Degrassi? Who would have thought that punk kid would be one of the most talented MCs to grace a mic recently. Drake has held his own with top tier lyricists and some what made them look bad.

Comeback Season

7. Buff1
Buff1 is Michgan's Little secret with a crown on claiming himself as royalty. Buff release a great album, Pure last year and is hoping the mimic or surpass that performance and outcome this year. He is apart of the Athletic Mic League & affiliated with Lab Techs.


6. Median
Median spreads relief to his listeners with his witty punchline and clever wordplay. Somewhat of a abstract flow makes him stand out. Median hailing from NC running with LB, K. High, 9th, Chaundon & more. He dropped Median's Relief last year. Hopefully we'll get something new from him this year.

What Would You Do?

5. Mickey Factz
These guy some what jumped out of nowhere. I didn't start to follow him will he released that song with Naledge. Ever since then I been bumping dude's music. So far collabing with The Cool Kids, Drake & Travis McCoy. I heard someone call Mickey a underground Lupe. I think Mickey is totally different in his own respect and talent. Congrats on your success.

Up High

4. Lupe Fiasco
Probably the best Mainstream artist in my opinion. Lupe has been all over the place. On the bad side and the good side of hip hop fans. Anyway no one can front on dude's ad talent despite their attempts. He dropped two great album so far and hopefully he bluffing about retirement makes more then just three.

Kick, Push II

3. Jay Electronica
Now this New Orleans MC could make thee claim of being the best anything unlike one of his NO counterparts. Popping and destroying the scene Jay Electornica has emerged as a wreakin force in the indie scene and has gotten praise from Mos Def & Nas. Look out for Act 2.

Extra Extra

2. Elzhi
One half of the legendary group Slum Village has seem to start himself a solo career. One of the most sought after artist. Elzhi seems to be teasing people with his talent while it's very apparent he is working hard perfecting his album and craft. Hopefully we'll get to hear his solo LP soon. Lets hope and keep your fingers crossed.

Keep On

1. Blu
One of my personal favorites, Blu is godlee in talent. Dropping his debut with Exile which made major waves on the indie scene and was widely called a classic. I agree and expect to see more from this Cali MC. Working on a project with Sene & his solo effort. Blu is sure to impress more with his talent.

The World Is (Below The Heavens)

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