Friday, May 30, 2008

The Jeanius Is Here! Will The Phoenix Rise Again?

Jean Grae & 9th Wonder - Jeanuis
1. Intro
2. 2-32s
3. Don’t Rush Me
4. My Story
5. The Time Is Now (Feat Phonte)
6. Billy Killer
7. Think About It
8. #8
9. American Pimp (Feat Median)
10. This World
11. Love Thirst
12. Desperada
13. Smashmouth (Feat K-Hill, Edgar Allen Floe And Joe Scudda)

I've waited for this moment to hear the fully mastered version and I'm glad. This album can easily be considered for Album of The Year. This week I heard two of the dominate Femcees in the game, Jean Grae & Invincible. Well both are great albums. I decided to do Jeanius first since I love Jean Grae so much. I'll do Invincible a lil later. Anyway the production is superb as 9th works the board & Jean spits rapid fire constantly. Very brief but delivers the point. Every song is listenable. Standout tracks are well all. Every will interest a different person. My personal favorites are the The Time Is Now, Billy Killer, Number Eight, American Pimp. But the whole album is great but I the last track could have went a lil harder. I Thought we would get something like Kooley High's Water. Oh Well..Here is some audio for those who haven't heard.

The Time Is Now (Feat Phonte)

Number Eight

Think About It

Love Thrist

Hopefully we'll see more 9th & Jeanie. But after you hear this is kinda not likely.

Will Jeanie Retires, I Think So!

Some four years after a rough version of Jean Grae's Jeanius album produced by 9th Wonder leaked to the internet, an official version has been released today by Blacksmith Music on iTunes. We caught up with Jean yesterday who is quoted as saying "someone please send me a copy of my album, I want to hear it."
While Jean stands by her statement that she has retired (jokes of a farewell event were being tossed around, or maybe those weren't jokes), she did reveal that in April she was down in Miami shooting a video with friend, winner of the 2006 Jean Grae Needs a DJ contest, DMC USA, Scribble Jam and Gong World Supremacy champion, DJ I-Dee. The song is called "Victory Fanfare" and is the first single off I-Dee's upcoming album Solitude to be released on August 26th on Roc-Raida's Adiar Cor label. Solitude also features Royce Da 5'9" and C-Rayz Walz, among others.

At the end of the day, we don't really know all the factors that sway the choices J. Greezy makes. After all, it is her business. What we do know is that we are talking about an exceptionally talented individual who still has yet to receive the shine she truly desrves, in an industry that seemingly doesn't care. Ms. Grae did say that if there has been anything that could restore her faith in hip-hop, it's Busta Rhyme's latest smash "Don't Touch Me." I could see the sheen in here gleam. I don't think she's done yet...


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