Sunday, June 15, 2008

Verse Of The Day

C-Rayz Walz - Degrees

[1st Verse]

I wrote rhymes on papyrus
Clutch the obolis
Manifest the true in livin' and reveal the obvious
Prominent, dominant
Hand secret documents
And all the high continents mind your means
Only to be awaken by your third consciousness
Honor this
I hold the secrets to life now with my esophagus
Renew my history every time I build with wisdom
So when they go I don't have regrets
Diss 'em and miss 'em
I'm the light and the prism
The glitch in the system
The assertive victim
Who murdered death
Managed rhythm
Got hype to the chill with sniper skills
Focus my goal
Took a stronghold on my soul
And puffed an L just to inhale hell
Conversatin' with Satan
Contemplatin' to add on elimination
Baptize my lips and spit the Holy Grail
Death and (?) arrogance, causin earthquakes in hell
Old people gossip, adults criticize
We all judgmental, but can't control our own lives
I realized
The worlds on my dick so I pissed in public
Balance the skills, some real hate and love shit
For each slug that hit I got a script with the same
Impact with 10 gats, yo in fact I speak frame
Focus on the real cause I've been that
I got a plan for the self hatred in that

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