Saturday, June 7, 2008

Verse Of The Day

CunninLynguists - Things I Dream

[Last Verse]

Fumblin with a sweat on my fingers, something impetuous lingers
Become infected with feeling so I'm electing this evenin
To end my life without reason cus I'm indicted for treason
Closin my eyes and I'm leakin, drag the knife til I'm bleedin
Cus its light that I'm seeking, feels only right that I'm meetin
With Jesus seeking redemption but he don't need my repentance
For he who feels my intentions sees that my deepest depression
Is feeding me to these demons that lurk and feed on my essence
The pain is deep in my chest and I keep repeatin my blessins
Ever since a meek adolescence that saw me beaten by freshmen
Parents repeatedly sentenced, heroin needles on dressers
They used to feed their infection, I can't repeat indescretions
So I pause for reflection, long for honest affection
And gettin lost in the music is only soothin for stretches
Cus if you knew where my head is, when I'm doing these records
You'd never listen to my music again, I can't let you

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