Sunday, June 29, 2008

Verse Of The Day: Stop Fooling Yourself

Artist: Skyzoo
Album: Cloud 9: The 3 Day High
Song: Stop Fooling Yourself

Uh, to whoever it may concern
If you listenin', I'm lookin' for a place to turn
See it seems like, this is all I want out of life
But it's the other way around, I wanna do right
But it's moreso a question of responsibilities
So the lights stay on, but my conscience is killin' me
Gettin' my Mariano on, pitcher perfect
Still inside, I fear the Lord like "is it worth it?"
Huh, at first I say "no"
But when I open my closet, it makes say so - fuck it
And this is hustler haven, see I'm not alone
Cause he would say that I got faith, or I got a home
So I ask God if he still love us
I don't always wanna be this drug dealin' ma'fucker but
I was playin' on, with opposite plans
And I ain't even have the decency to wash my hands

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