Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sleepers Are Fighting For The ER Like Dumb & Dumb

Been a crappy week so far. Postal service it tripping badly. A few bills are over due & ish of that sort. Then earlier today (Tuesday) my parked car is ran into. Well with all that happening still doesnt stop me from expressing my feeling & ideas.

Anyway I was listening to J-Live -Then What Happened? realized how much I play the album. Most played album this year with Time:Line, Summer Session EP & The Bridge EP. But J's album has a certain flare to it that satisfies your music taste buds. I heard alot of people down the last track "You Out There" produced by Nicolay. Well the I believe the track is excellent on both parts. Nicolay gave a great beat to close a album. J delivered his heart & soul on the track. I love this album so much. I suggest everybody to pick it up.

I know Justus Of All was just a official release of a mixtape into an album. But why do none of the added track that I've heard (I havent heard the one with O-Dash featuring which is only on iTunes) dont feature both Little Brother members? Truthfully the track with Ninth was a disappointment though Pooh murdered it. Hearing Te besides his partner & former member would have been nice....Oh well LB is still dope. Hopefully I'll see the concert with them, Strange Fruit Project & Big Daddy Kane.

Next month looks promising. Alot of albums dropping on each tuesday.

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