Thursday, June 12, 2008

7 Extended Play Record You Might Have Missed....

Supastition - Deadline EP
One of NC's finest, Supastition before all the hype & buzz. He dropped a widely accepted EP named Deadline which he make many references to because according to several (none being me) that was his best piece of work. I do agree that it was a dope project but Chain Letters take as Supastition's best so far but it's progression. So I think Supa will continue to beat himself (which is hard considering dude is a genius). Supastition is one of underground's most respected artist. Deadline depict the struggle & pain that Supastition has experienced during the time surrounding this EP. Sincere & passionate music Supa is showcasing on this project. Very easy to relate to anything he was saying. I feel due to this EP I know Supa on a more personal level then we know most other artist.

Tanya Morgan - Sunset EP
Another classic from Brooklyn & Cincinnati. DonVonIll first release Sunset EP leads perfectly to their debut album Moonlighting. Also a trend in their series of release from Sunlighting to Sunset to Moonlighting. Sunset has a raw, humorous, entertaining feel of lyricism & flow. All display what can be expected on Moonlighting well also preview a few snippets of the dope songs off MLing. All the production is on point with BeatMaker (Von Pea) & Brick Beats contribute on the boards. All three MCs crush from the lyrical stand point. You may have to let it grow on you, Sunset is a definitly must have for any TM fan.

Othello & DJ Manwell - The Rain System EP
You can get this EP as an exclusive bonus disc with your online purchase of Othello's Alive At The Assembly Line. Othello showcase his amazing flow over Manwell excellently executed production. Not much is known about this project except Manwell & Othello are frequent collaborators and tour with one another alot. Othello as you may know is one third of the Lightheaded crew as you can called him the medium of the group as he seems to embody both Braille & Ohmega Watts in one being which a major compliment. But he absolutely unique in his own right. This EP contains soulful hip hop with Othello pouring out his soul over every beat.

Che Grand - Official Bootleg Import EP
Definitely a perfect preview what can be expected from Che debut LP, Everything Good's Ugly. Opening with a dark song called Gold Chain featuring PS. Very dark approach from Grand but still lovable with a soul sample & PS contributing beautiful vocals. Airtight Grizzy killing it with the punchs & metaphors. Even the Intro dropped some crazy lyrics. As callers call in to a call line & Grand answer their questions & addresses the problems while rapping. Even TM jumps on a Trainspottin' doing a very unique & unusual hook. After all is said is done. It's evident Che knows his style & what he's doing. I seriously can't wait for Che to drop his new album.

Sene - Beautifully Ugly EP
Sene hailing from Brooklyn. He is currently making a album over Blu's production. Blu also makes a appearance on this EP in the song Dope (For Gold Ropes) which is a certified banger from beginning to end. Both pair perfectly with each other. Sene describes the struggles of the common man through out the project. But the standout track is Prisoner's Tune. Hitting hard while spitting about the pains of life. The hook is unsettling at the least but soulfully relieving. Sene is definitely slept on. He deserve more than he has been given. Hopefully that collabo album with Blu will give him that long deserved shine.

Median - The Path To Relief EP
Median frequent collaborator with the whole HOJ/Justus League crew. This started it all. Median's Path To Relief was acclaimed as it earned itself a re-release a few years later. Median is a very introspective dude with a lot of soul. His songs show proof of that as he spits some life changing rhymes that make you sit back and wonder. I've yet to hear a weak verse from Median to be truthful. There is a meaning behind each bar which is very evident once you sit back and reflect on the music. This EP has a nice flow as each song leads to the other. Median expresses his creativity on this project. Such a beautiful piece of work is rare.

Danny! - Danny! Is Dead EP
Probably wondering how many time I can mention Danny! before gets old? Well I'll never stop supporting great music & that is what Danny! makes. This is one of the first project from Danny! I heard (Along with Charm). Later I went backwards through his whole catalog & it's a somewhat deep cata. So as I i listened to this the first I couldn't comprehend how much I liked this EP. Remaking one of my favorite songs, ATCQ's Find A Way on Check It Out. Danny! accurately calls himself Tribe Called Quest On Acid. Producing some of the most unique yet soothing music I've heard. Danny! deserves a lot of credit that seems to avoid him. This EP is great so support Danny! and cop this off iTunes.

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