Thursday, June 5, 2008

Verse Of The Day: Classic (Nike Air Force Remix)

Artist: Kanye West f/ KRS-One, Nas, Rakim
Album: Classic (Nike Air Force Remix) 12"
Song: Classic (Nike Air Force Remix)

[Verse Four: Rakim]
Uh, yea, is y'all ready for 20-07?
It's now another drought
Everybody's a killer, wow we buggin' out
Since '86 showin' the crowd what I'm about
And they still wanna know when the album comin' out
Askin' teenagers, OG's and nasty kids
What their definition of Classic is?
Timeless, so age don't count in the booth
When your flow stay submerge in the fountain of youth
Ain't no doubtin' the truth, I'm off the meters
Everybody cosignin', even the non-believers
Since I came in the door, and became one of y'all leaders
In a fresh pair Air Force sneakers
Uptowns, we call 'em uppies, when they're on divas
Probably worn when KRS-One raw teachings
Nas - Made You Look, before the heaters
I bet Kan' had 'em on when he walked with Jesus

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