Thursday, June 12, 2008

Jedi Mind Tricks 2008 Release schedule

Jedi Mind Tricks and Babygrande Records are pleased to announce an
unprecedented rapid fire 2008 release schedule guaranteed to satisfy
even the most hardcore JMT/AOTP fans:

*The summer release of the first ever Jedi Mind Tricks DVD: “Divine
Fire: The Story of Jedi Mind Tricks”

*The July 22nd release of Jedi Mind Tricks Presents: Doap Nixon “Sour

*The August 5th release of Jedi Mind Tricks Presents: King Syze “The
Labor Union”

*The September 30th release of Jedi Mind Tricks Presents: Outerspace
“God’s Fury”

*The October 14th release of Jedi Mind Tricks’ sixth album “A History of


With a 12+ year career under their belt and a continually growing rabid
fan base, the history of Jedi Mind Tricks has never been officially
documented…until now. This summer, “Divine Fire: The Story of Jedi
Mind Tricks DVD,” promises an insightful excursion into the roots of an
underground empire. And look out for a special limited edition
commemorative package encompassing the DVD and much more to be
announced. And it won’t be available at retail anywhere…check for
updates on this at because we’ll be bringing
this one directly to you.

This fall also sees the release of the highly anticipated sixth LP from
Jedi Mind Tricks, “A History of Violence” on October 14th, 2008. Stay
tuned for more…


Doap Nixon: “Sour Diesel” – July 22nd
King Syze: “The Labor Union” – August 5th
Outerspace: “God’s Fury” – September 30

With all three records executive produced by Vinnie Paz himself, these
LP’s carry the unique sonic stamp of the Jedi Mind Tricks’ experience
and reflect Jedi’s continual commitment to the cultivation of true,
hardcore hip-hop. Like the releases from the Vinnie Paz’ anchored
supergroup Army of the Pharaohs (“Torture Papers” and late ‘07’s
“Ritual of Battle”), these records are both a reflection of and homage
to the “hardcore, that real raw type ish” pioneered by none other than

First up is July 22nd’s debut from buzzing AOTP core member Doap Nixon:
Jedi Mind Tricks presents…
Doap Nixon: “Sour Diesel”

A long time mainstay in the thriving Philly independent hip-hop scene,
Doap Nixon is best known for his breakout performance on Army of the
Pharaohs’ underground smash Ritual of Battle. Amidst a groundswell of
anticipation, Doap unveils his debut LP, "Sour Diesel," which features
guest appearances from the core AOTP clique, including Vinnie Paz (of
Jedi Mind Tricks), Outerspace, King Syze, King Magnetic, Reef The Lost
Cauze & more as well as production from some of independent hip-hop’s
most renowned and respected producers including Apathy, Snowgoons, Stu
Bangas, Undefined & many more.

The first track, “The Wait Is Over,” feat. Reef The Lost Cauze & Vinnie
Paz can EXCLUSIVELY be found here:

Be sure to SHOW YOUR SUPPORT! Pick up and embed that widget from Doap’s
CrackSpace page while you’re checking out the new single.

Jedi Mind Tricks presents…
King Syze: “The Labor Union”
In stores August 5th

A core member of AOTP, King Syze crashed the scene with 2006’s debut
“Syzemology.” On August 5th, along with the widespread re-release of
“Syzemology,” comes Syze’s sophomore offering “The Labor Union.”
Featuring appearances from the AOTP clique including Vinnie Paz, ILL
Bill, Apathy, Planetary & Crypt of Outerspace, Reef The Lost Cauze,
King Magnetic & more, the Pharaohs once again unite for this highly
anticipated solo gem.

For more, please visit:

Jedi Mind Tricks presents…
Outerspace: “God’s Fury”
In stores September 30th, 2008

After countless national tours with Jedi Mind Tricks and two critically
and commercially well received solo LP’s (2004’s “Blood & Ashes” and
2006’s “Blood Brothers”), Outerspace return with the Vinnie Paz
executive produced third LP “God’s Fury” on September 30th. Stay tuned
for further updates and for more information please visit

“We have worked with Jedi Mind Tricks since 2002 and achieved incredible
success together. I am thrilled that we are continuing this partnership
and look forward to even greater success. Jedi Mind Tricks has
continually impressed me with their brilliant music and now the music
of the collective they have built from scratch. The DVD they have
created [Divine Fire] is one of the best musician documentaries I have
ever seen and is a must-buy collector’s item for any of their fans,”
says Babygrande CEO Chuck Wilson.

For more information, please visit:

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