Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Verse Of The Day: Life Ain't Sweet

Artist: Astonish f/ Termanology
Album: From Now Until Forever

Song: Life Ain't Sweet

Ain't got the life a nigga dream about
I'm living what these other rappers sing about, trying to find a decent route
If niggas with skills was getting the deals
Then I'll be pushing a Beamer out and not a DeVille
Struggling to help my Ma with the bills that's pilling up
High as fuck, I'm trying to find the answer in a dutch
Got an arsenal that turn the hardest nigga to a marshmallow
Walking a thin line, my life is like a carnival
Ring the alarm and bring me a bomb
So I could blow up but I ain't never read the Qur'an
So I ain't taking about a terrorist sect
Me and Term, that's my word, couldn't find a better pair in the batch
Hate it or love it, but you could never say that we fronted
But we been fronted on cuz niggas be hating for nothing
But I'm a ride until the die that I expire
And to all of y'all I give my all like Mariah

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