Friday, June 27, 2008

Danny! - And I Love HER (Review)

So after months of waiting & anticipating "And I Love HER" is finally here. Danny! does it again with this Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. The album basically plays like a movie as each song flows to a intertude to another song corresponding with the situation.

Opening with the voice of a lovely women then the abstract flow of Danny! over his own 9th like sampled beat. Describing his feelings about the game & basically venting his emotions. Next track is Guess Who's Back the single of the album featuring Naledge. Production is smooth & soulful as Danny! & Naledge flow over it. Naledge as always rips on this track most notably "Witness the birth of a legend, JellyBean Bryant". Such great chemistry makes me wonder if more Naledge & Danny is in the near future. I Want HER featuring the beautiful sounds of Brittany Bisco who I'm clueless of. Danny! is explaing himself and love to his woman.

Well I don't want to give away the whole story of the album but its a truly well executed album & concept. The music does outweigh the concept but the first listen revealing the concept is a great experience (another reason why I want spoil it). But the highlights songs are At What Price where Danny! switches up his flow explaining his experience with a ex. Misery with Collette is about overcoming your troubles & not falling victim to Misery. Where You Goin again with Maria on the hook & ablibs. Danny! is pleading to his woman pouring out his heart. Then with the wack Von Pea on I Don't Know describing just how faithful Danny! is & making excuses of his suspicious activity. Then to reminsce MF Doom type ish with Yoko Ono featuring Che Grand. From "Do You" on the concept & story is gone with Danny! speaking on hypocritical people particular parents telling their children to not do something that the parents themselves are doing. The last two feature very well excuted & flipped familiar samples.

Though I didn't mention a few songs they are still better then alot of material I heard this year. This album is so great I expected so much and was given more. Special thanks to Danny! for the album. Support him by purchasing the album. I will till next post

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micAh! said...

I gotta get my hands on this LP! Can't wait til you post the links to purchase...

mALiZ said...

Updated with purchase links