Monday, June 9, 2008

Verse Of The Day

Finale & Spier 1200 Ft.Invincible,Elzhi - Eye Of The Beholder

[Last Verse(Elzhi)]

They say lounge home boy, you in the danger zone
While they arrange to blow brains for a chain with stones
Gator shoes, the war stories don't make the news
State the crews that's full of lost niggas that hate to lose
Feelin that life ain't as precious as a Lexus
Or a Benz, Jordans, Tims and a necklace
That's why we reckless, runnin a block
And what protects us is them extras, the gun in the sock
The trunk, the glove, the pants near the genital sack
But criminals pack the stack and ain't finna go back
Til they found dead, wit blood on the ground shed
Head pourin down red and the story round spreads
They drop bodies quick like John Gotti's clique
That's word to Dmitri it's a Mazaradi rick(?)
There won't be none of that run in fact when the sun is flat
For fun they'll take ya gun, gat, hat and eye sight

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