Sunday, June 1, 2008

Spotlight Album: Travel At Your Own Pace

Y-Society - Travel At Your Own Pace

01 Intro
02 This Is An Introduction
03 Never Off (On & On)
04 Hole In Your Pocket
05 This Advice
06 Good Communication
07 Scientist
08 Dizzy
09 How Many Of Us?
10 Puzzles
11 What's Next?
12 In Command
13 Setting The Example
14 At My Own Pace
15 Peace I'm Out The Door
16 Never Off (On & On) (Insight Remix)

My Thoughts
Insight & Damu The Fudgemunk are Y-Society. The classic MC/DJ combo create another slept on album. Well Insight is a frequent collaborator with Boston crew Project Move. You might remember my rants about (Radio) Raheem Jamal. Anyway this album is classic hip-hop. I can see this being created in the 90's but it just doesn't recreate the old times it adds a new age twist of lemon to it. Which is much appreciated since they don't over do the re-creation thing. Its a good balance in content. Each beat is noticeably different while Insight's flow which up on each one and also different points on those songs. Showing his skills to ride the beat. Production is on point but eventually I got bored since each songs is somewhat length as the last minute is stratching and mixing. Some songs last 5 minutes and longer. Nothing that big but some I noticed. But support these guys they are extremely talented.


This Is An Introduction

Never Off (On & On)

This Advice


Setting The Example


Damu of Y Society - "Travel At Your Own Pace" vinyl mix

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