Saturday, June 21, 2008

Verse Of The Day: Cradle To The Grave

Artist: Thug Life
Album: Thug Life Volume 1
Song: Cradle to the Grave

June 16th, 1971
Mama gave birth to a hell-raisin heavenly son
See the doctor tried to smack me but I smacked him back
My first words was "Thug for life," and "Papa pass the Mac."
I'm bustin on these motherfuckers ballin
Listen you can hear my mini fourteen callin {*POP POP POP*}
From out the window of my drop top, I got my glock cocked
Bustin at niggaz, when will it stop?
Now tell me are you scared of the dark?
Can't close my eyes I see visions
And even with this thug livin, will I escape prison?
Penitentiary chances was an all day thang
The only way to advance; and if you slang
then you'd better have yo' Nikes on - cause when we fight
it's in the middle of the night with no lights on, hey!!
There must be a God cause I feel lucky
Paranoid out my mind, cause motherfuckers tryin to rush me
Am I goin to jail? Look at me bailin
Comin out the court house, all about my mail and bank
Never, never die I'll be a hustler motherfuckers
And makin thugs out you suckers from the cradle to the grave

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