Saturday, June 21, 2008

Spotlight Album: whutduzFMstand4?

PackFM - WhutduzFMstand4?

  1. The Fuck
  2. Spell It With A K
  3. I Can't Win
  4. Clik, Clak, & Spray
  5. Lessons
  6. Nigga Pass
  7. Stomp
  8. Kilt It
  9. Excuses (Featuring iCON The Mic King)
  10. Free-Esta
  11. Up Close & Personal (Featuring Substantial)
  12. Token Love Song
  13. Suzie
  14. Ugly Woman (Featuring Extended Famm)
  15. Forevershine
  16. WhutduzFMstand4?
  17. Stomp (Remix Featuring Bad Seed, Session, Copywrite, Poison Pen, Arch Rival & Sean Price)
My Thoughts
There is alot of talk about the future of hip hop. Well look no farther then PackFM. The Brooklyn MC from the Qn5 label. A master of Punchlines. Pack put together one of the best albums in the last 5 years. The flow of the album into each song is brillant. No gimmick shit just dope concepts like Clik Clak Spray or the title track. Pack has been on multiple verses of the day on this site. Since he album has quotables of days. I give this album alot of praise because its a truly brilliant album if you take the time to listen and absorb the lyrics. I recommend every not only take a listen to this album but to buy a copy of it.


Spell It Wit AK

Excuses feat. iCon The Mic King


Token Love Song


PackFM stomp (Black&White) MUSIC VIDEO

PackFM - Spell It With A K (Music Video)

PackFM - Click Clack & Spray [Official Music Video]

PackFM - "Stomp" Music Video

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