Sunday, June 8, 2008

Racism Still Alive, They Just Be Concealin It

As many of you know Barack won. Now this isn't a victory for us African Americans but for us Americans in general. I applaud Nas for changing his album name. Clearly a publicity stunt in my opinion. Why Ni**er? Why not Successful Black Man? That would ruffle the feather of the big wigs of the label & win my support. Anyway I also have gained some respect for Nas for dropping "Black President" which is a nice track with a great meaning. Though I'm not a big fan of Nas. He has been making some good moves lately. Hero was a cool track aswell. Hats off to Nas.

I won't mention Slave & Master which was nice....

Prodigy shut up for once. Your so ignorent. You give all black men a bad name by claiming all this & that like your Mr. Commmunity. Just keep your opinion to yourself cause your so hypocritical. Aren't you in jail or something?

It seems racial songs have been very popular nowadays. Deservedly so seeing how racial tension have increased alot lately. The Kramer, Six Letter Words among others. I think unification is essential in the future of America. We can't continue to fight and kill each other like a bunch of wild animals. Sickening. Even more is those who try to help are the ones being killed due to the ignorance of the killer.

But I have to say that Radio hip hop has been very positive of late. More dancing not so much hoes, niggaz, gatz & coke. Thats one thing everyone can be happy about though the songs are extremely repetitive especially after playing the same 10 songs ALL DAY! Only thing is people like Soulja Boi & Franchise Boys should stick to the dancing and other topics besides gun & violence cause it's not believable. But they do relieve the mind of their listeners with their music. Which is a great thing since life is so hard now.

But while I have certain opinions & feelings on certain rappers, singers & musicans (artist in general). I must applaud them all for doing what they are doing. They shining light on to someones life who really enjoys that particular artist's music.

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