Monday, June 16, 2008

Verse Of The Day

Song:Fake Neptune
Artist:Sean Price
Album:Monkey Barz

[Last Verse]

Yo, alotta niggaz rhyme, some of y'all nice
Some sound the same, but not Sean Price
The O.D.B., and the B.C.C
I'm David Ruffin, say when it's nothing, no
Need for acceptance, no need for applause
All you need is a gause, when you bleeding, ofcourse
Of course, I ain't playin' no more
Fuck holding back, fuck what I'm saving it for
Get busy, bisexual burners, both ways with the biscuit
Hit, niggaz and bitches, and occasionally infants
Yo, save it man, tricks are for kids, bitch, David Blaine

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