Thursday, June 19, 2008

Verse Of The Day: Won't Do

Artist: J Dilla
Album: The Shining
Song: Won't Do

Lets see, I got one, got two, got..
Tell me do you got what I need
A fourth party that can run our team, you know
Keep 'em in line, 'cause one might need it
This here the guy that your hun might creep with
She might do some freak-nick shit on ya
I keeps to the beats and bonin' them
Whole body blingin' like 3-P-O, nigga
And when i pull that fucker out, it attracts the gold-diggers
With them big 'ol jelly, Smuckered out
Make Dill wanna tuck it in
But the truck got The 5th Element like Tucker's in it
All you hear is them custom 10-inches beatin'
Like 15's, ma can I fit in them jeans
You seem like a true team playa for real, love
with cha boy J to the Dilla, yeah

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