Saturday, June 14, 2008

Verse Of The Day: Bassment Party

artist: The Cool Kids
song: Bassment Party

album: The Bake Sale EP

They say if you ain't got no money take yo broke ass home
I say if you got you two dollars, then come through to my party
But get bent before you come because for that liquor I'll be charging
And take down these directions
It's right past the intersection
Make a right at the light
It's the first house on the left
And get it, got it good
You made it, I knew you would
We got them drinks up in the back and them chic-key's looking good
Hold up, here come one ayy what's yo name hun?
Jackie brown, yea that pop
Ayy I'm chuck, this mikey rocks
And let me introduce you to some kids that you ain't used to
Yep we bet that we ride bikes
Carrying bones and jordan 5's
Got every single color so
Just in case you wonder
My party's is always live
As a mother is for supper and
In the summer when it's hotter then the oven
We the coolest kids we know
So you know we into something
That involve doing something
With a trunk to get that bass drum pumping
It's my party, so get up
If you don't you getting jumped

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