Monday, June 30, 2008

Spotlight Album: Chain Letters

Supastition - Chain Letters
1. Chain Letters (Intro)
2. Don’t Stop
3. Split Decisions
4. Soul Control feat. Little Brother
5. Rise
6. That Ain’t Me
7. Hate My Face
8. Special Treatment
9. A’int Going Out
10. Baby Story f/Nonameko
11. 100%
12. Yesterday Everyday feat. DMinor
13. Nickled Needles
14. Appreciation
15. Blood Brothers f/ Seven
16. Always f/ Can’t Tell
17. Soul Control (Solo Version)

My Thoughts
Supastition turned many heads with this 2005 release. Chain Letters is a great introduction to the lyrical thought stream of Supastition. Adressing many different life problems and situations that happen to him. Also showing praise to the musical expression that shine light in his day. As you'll hear frequent in Chain Letters, Supastition addresses the critques who continue to hold him to his Deadline (EP) period. Asking for another Deadline cause it was this and that. Well I attempt grown & see the musical growth of Supa from Deadline to Chain Letters. This album is one of favorite from 2005. I strongly recommend everyone to check it out.

Don't Stop

Soul Control feat. Little Brother

Hate My Face

Ain't Going Out



Supastition - Nickeled Needles "Live In Germany, Kehl @ Riks

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